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Wedding Catering

Chef Zac will work closely with you to create a meal for your special day that you won't forget by creating a connection to favorite foods from your past or developing new dishes to inspire your future together.
Give those guests from out of town the true Montana experience using the culinary bounty that's indigenous to Montana.

Client Testimonials

"Zac Kellerman of Zac’s Montana Kitchen catered both of my daughters’ weddings here in Bozeman. One of the key elements of a successful wedding is the food and at both of our weddings the food was simply outstanding, with innovative menus, delicious food, beautiful presentation, and impeccable service. I highly recommend Zac and his capable, caring team for any of your catering needs, but especially for your daughter’s wedding, where you must have perfection!"


~ Joan Rostad

Dear Zac and the team at Zac's Montana Kitchen, 

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for how WONDERFUL it was to have you in the driver's seat for our wedding catering. The staff was professional, happy to talk about the delicious food they were serving, the presentation was flawless and the quality was impeccable. I can't recount the number of guests that have commented on the food and how much they enjoyed the meal. My husband still can't stop commenting on your applewood smoked beef brisket and those baby back ribs. My personal favorite was the lamb chop lollipop skewers. Ryan was walking around with those and it was the first thing I'd eaten all day. I could have taken the whole tray for myself. I also loved the granny smith coleslaw and the cornbread was to die for! 


Your food and your lovely staff really made our wedding reception special and you were all so wonderful to work with. I sincerely appreciate the time and care that you put into what you're doing. It is felt by your guests. 

I will definitely recommend your services to friends and family.  


With much appreciation, 


~ Charlotte Fox 

Sample Menus


for 125 Guests


Apple-pecan fritters drizzled with ginger-maple syrup

Smoke trout with arugula-walnut pesto on cucumber "wheel"

Elk sausage skewers with whole grain mustard


Bibb lettuce with asparagus, pecorino, almonds, and a terragon-sherry vinaigrette

"Asado" grilled beef tenderloin with mint tomato chimichuri

Lemon seared salmon with artichokes and capers

Sour cream twice baked potatoes

Brussel sprouts with butternut squash and leeks

Toasted quinoa with kale, spiced red cabbage, and mandarin oranges

Artesian breads with assorted butters

for 125 guests

Blueberry pancakes with warm Maple syrup and butter
Garden vegetable fritatta with "Bloody Mary" salsa
Yogurt, granola, and fruit smoothies

Grilled venison sausage links
Freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juices
Coffees and Teas

for 175 guests


Smoked shrimp deviled eggs

Bacon crackers with pimento cheese


Sliced tomato, cucumber, and red onion salad on chopped spinach with buttermilk dressing

Bison tenderloin and chicken fried quail with purple potato hashbrowns and chorizo gravy

"Three bean salad" with turnip and kale greens

Crab hush puppies with homemade green onion mayo

Black-eyed pea jambalaya

"All day simmered" green beans

Cracklin cornbread and honey butter

for 200 guests


Kale-Arugula Caesar salad with polenta croutons

Wilted spinach salad with white mushrooms, water chestnuts, and a warm country ham dressing

Spaghetti squash with tarragon and sherry

Grilled carrots with ginger, agave, and orange

"Everything" bread and poppyseed rolls with herb butter


Shrimp, elk sausage, and chicken gumbo with okra

Halibut cheeks with linguini and clams

Smoked salmon cakes with cauliflower mash

Lobster risotto with parmesan


Sesame seared tuna loin and crisp wontons

Teriyaki smoked pork tenderloin and tempura broccoli

Twice cooked duck steam buns with plum sauce

Udon noodles with red chili grilled vegetable


Double chocolate moon pies

Blackberry granita

Coconut cake with peach ice cream

Mini strawberry-pistachio panna cotta

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