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Applewood smoked meats with our take on the traditional sides or with artfully crafted upscale custom sides.
Locally sourced ingredients with authentic Montana flavors. Taste the real deal from chef Zac Kellerman.
BBQ makes the perfect catered meal for almost any setting. Casual or classy. buffet style or served, for groups large or small. Choose Zac's famous Montana BBQ for your next event.
Sample Menus


for 125 guests


fSmoked shrimp "nachos" with mango and lime sour cream

Elk sausage skewers with horseradish-whole grain mustard               

      Applewood Smoked beef brisket

Applewood smoked baby back ribs

Sweet heat BBQ grilled chicken breast

Onion-molasses BBQ sauce, sugarcane-cayenne BBQ sauce, Yellowstone Kitchen sauce

 Deviled egg potato salad

Savory baked beans

Granny smith apple creamy cole slaw

Summertime fruit bowl tossed with Grand Marnier and fresh mint

Cheddar-japaleno skillet corn bread with Eastern Montana honey butter

Banana pudding with peanut butter whipped cream


for 75 guests


Applewood smoked salmon salad with spinach, romaine, garden vegetables, chopped egg, and a honey mustard dressing

Applewood smoked beef brisket

Applewood smoked pork tenderloin

Applewood smoked bob white quail

Sugar cane-cayenne BBQ sauce, onion molasses BBQ sauce, Yellowstone Kitchen sauce

Jalapeno-corn pudding

Watermelon-jicama salad

Ginger black beans

Shredded cabbage with apples, pecans, and golden raisins

Cornbread sticks and buttermilk biscuits

for 275 guests

Applewood smoked baby back ribs and green chile grilled chicken breasts
with Yellowstone Kitchen Sauce
Calico baked beans with smoked bacon
Apple-celery-grape-walnut "slaw"
Cumin corn salad with sweet peppers, lime juice and cilantro

Cantelope, honeydew and cucumber salad with poppy seed dressing

Tropical fruit ice cream sundaes

Corn muffins and butter

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